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LakeScapes 2023 - another successful year!

It’s a wrap on our LakeScapes program for 2023, and it remains as popular as ever! This year, Conservationist Carol Markham provided consultations to 206 property owners – bringing our total to 747 since the program’s start in 2020! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this great program!

As a refresher, our LakeScapes program is a lake-friendly landscaping and lawncare program aimed at educating property owners on how their personal landscaping and lawncare maintenance choices can impact the region’s water quality and wildlife, regardless of where they live or what size property they own. Through the program, Carol provides free one-on-one consultations and technical assistance, including native plant recommendations, and with a donation, can also provide a personalized landscape design.

Carol has already started booking consultations for the spring of 2024. If you’d like one, call her at 716-664-2166 x1005 or email her at!

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