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NWF Backyard Habitat

In a few easy steps, you can make a big difference for local wildlife, including songbirds and pollinators! Transform any outdoor space into a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat and help provide the resources that wildlife need to survive and thrive!

Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat is easier than you might think. All you need is to make sure your wildlife habitat has sources for food, water, cover, and places to raise young (see the checklist below) and that you follow sustainable, environmentally friendly landscaping practices. And it can be created just about anywhere – in your yard, container garden, balcony, community garden, schoolyard, work landscape . . . just to name a few places!


Once your habitat has all the required features, you can then certify it with the National Wildlife Federation! (There is a nominal $20 application fee.) You will receive a certificate and have an opportunity to buy a sign or plaque to display in your habitat.

You will also move our organization one step closer to being able to certify Chautauqua County as a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat! We have teamed up with multiple organizations, schools, businesses, and municipalities within the county to promote the wildlife habitat certification program with the overall goal of making Chautauqua County a healthier, greener, and more wildlife-friendly place to benefit wildlife and humans alike!

For a checklist of requirements, help meeting the requirements, and an application for certification, visit

And thank you for helping the wildlife of the Chautauqua region!

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