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Egg Watch 2024!

Good news to report from the Loomis Goose Creek Osprey nest!


Our pair produced their first egg, on April 24th, more or less on the expected date, almost 3 weeks after they got back together. It is clearly visible with the shell, showing a brown wash over a cream-colored base. Femke and Hauke took turns tending to it. On one video from April 25th, Femke can be seen guzzling down the back end of a fish, as it is usually presented to her by Hauke.


On April 27th, we noticed a second egg in the same soft spot in the center of the nest. Since Osprey tend to lay clusters of one to 4 eggs, 3 days apart from each other, this was not unexpected – but a happy surprise all the same! Last year, our couple raised 3 youngsters, so there may be more on the way!


Usually this is the beginning of a quieter phase, where Femke will brood on the eggs and protect them from predators, while Hauke provides the food (although he will take her place from time to time) until the eggs hatch in 5-6 weeks.

(photos from our Osprey cam - follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more photos and videos and follow Hauke and Femke's story for 2024!)

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