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Concerns About Herbicide Use in Chautauqua Lake

Several local municipalities have submitted applications to the NYSDEC for permits to apply the herbicides ProcellaCOR EC and Aquathol K on up to 529.4 acres and 345.5 acres respectively in 2021. Permit applications for Aquathol K have been requested to control curly-leaf pondweed between 4/19 and 5/19 and for ProcellaCOR EC to control Eurasian watermilfoil between 5/17 and 6/18. Both proposed chemicals kill beneficial and native aquatic plants in addition to the targeted “nuisance” plants. Some of CWC's nature preserves in Ellicott and Celoron with waterfront habitats may be directly impacted by the herbicide treatments by these municipalities. CWC has submitted a letter voicing this concern to the NYSDEC and urging careful protection of the ecology of our preserves, fisheries and wildlife and the ecology of the lake and its outlet. Read our full letter by clicking on the link below.


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