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Land & Habitat Conservation

Land & Habitat Conservation

Land conservation is the key to a healthy and sustainable future. Conserving open space helps supply clean drinking waters and clean air, provide healthy habitats for plants and animals, support plant and wildlife biodiversity, provide opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature, and even mitigate natural hazards like flooding.


Because we know how critical land conservation is for healthy communities now and in the future, we have permanently protected more than 1,250 acres of land in 35 nature preserves in the Chautauqua region. But there is an urgent need for increased land conservation, and we are continually working to protect even more of these precious places.


We have a number of new land conservation projects currently in the works and hope to be able to share them with you soon, so be sure to check this page regularly for updates! In the meantime, if you’d like to donate to help us protect additional natural landscapes and habitats, you can make a contribution here

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