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NWF Backyard Habitat

Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy has teamed up with multiple local organizations to participate and promote the National Wildlife Federation’s Community and Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification program.

The NWF Backyard and Community Wildlife Habitat program teaches homeowners how to garden and landscape with wildlife in mind by promoting the use of native trees and plants, working to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and chemicals and maintaining your yard or garden in natural ways to ensure soil, air and water stay healthy and clean!

We are partnering with cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods and communities within Chautauqua County to become healthier, greener and more wildlife-friendly. Our ultimate goal is to certify the entire County, but we will be concentrating our initial efforts in the City of Jamestown.

Every individual yard, garden, front porch or balcony can help us achieve our goal of certification! If you are interested in a certification checklist and/or certifying your backyard as a garden for wildlife, please visit and

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