Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Watershed Management Plan

What Do The Scientists Say Should Be Done To Improve Chautauqua Lake?

To answer this question, the Chautauqua Lake Management Commission (of which the CWC is a member organization), the Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development and other stakeholders have developed the Chautauqua Lake Watershed Management Plan.  

To address Chautauqua Lake’s serious aquatic vegetation and algae problems, the Plan recognizes that the root causes of those problems (which originate on land in the lake’s watershed or drainage basin), must be addressed.  

The major goals and objectives of the Plan include:

  • Improving water quality in the lakes, streams, ponds and wetlands of the watershed by reducing the inflow of nutrients and sedimentation that cause the problematic growth of aquatic vegetation, outbreak of algae blooms, and the loss of navigable water routes;
  • Protecting and restoring the natural function of the watershed’s natural drainage system that impacts stream conveyance, streamside health, floodplains, wetlands and flow variability;
  • Conserving critical natural resources in the watershed that support healthy ecological communities of native plants, fish, wildlife and other organisms;
  • Maintaining and improving recreational opportunities in the lake and the watershed;
  • Inspiring and educating watershed stakeholders to implement the watershed management plan through public education and collaboration; and
  • Implementing sound land use practices and policies for private landowners, farmers, and municipalities to benefit the watershed.

To read the entire Chautauqua Lake Watershed Management Plan, please click here.

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